Bread Baskets from European wicker

Special sizes and set packing on request


natural brown, white

Rectangular basket with 2 handle holes

for every conventional width of kitchen and bath base and top unit module, as well as corresponding depths of the carcases

Rectangular basket with 4 handle holes

to be used for two different carcase widths turned by 90°

Rectangular basket with pre-assembled felt strips

to prevent scratching of shelves no matter if of melamine, lacquered or veneered surface

Basket with 45° angled front

Appearance of a baker’s basket

Our willows are cropped twice a year. For the following 12 months we work with a year’s crop and therefore need to do a careful planning regarding the material required.

Wicker is a natural product. It is its nature – like of every other kind of wood – that they will mellow in the course of time and exposure to light. Thus there may be colour variations of the wicker baskets between previous year’s crop and the newly harvested willows. This difference will balance out about four weeks after installing the baskets in the cabinet.

All baskets are woven by hand. and from natural willows of different thickness. Slight size tolerances may occur and will have to be accepted.



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