Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards

– as accessory or for assembly into cabinet

  • from edgeglued European beech panels (foodsafe)
  • vegetable oil finish
  • minimum thickness: 20 mm
Chopping Boards

with 4 transparent rubber legs straight edges slightly rounded corners no handle holes

straight edges


with 4 transparent rubber legs rounded edges two handle holes

Cuttinboard Weston

Rubber leg
Chopping boards


Both versions applicable to cabinet width 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm

Special sizes, shapes and set packing incl. runners on request.

Cuttingboard Slide

Assembly Recommendation

For instance: Width of the basket frame or the chopping board

  • for 400 mm unit: 320 mm
  • for 450 mm unit: 370 mm