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Are all products standard range or are there customized dimensions and items, as well?

Almost all our products are customized. Please contact us.

How many weight do the baskets carry?

As per official certificate the maximum load to one basket is 40kg when mounted accurately to the runners.

Are the baskets foodsafe, i.e. for fruit?

Yes, they are. Wicker is a natural product and was not treated with any chemicals.

Why do not all baskets look alike?

Willow is a natural product and cropped only once a year. Means we have to plan our demand very thoroughly. Willows do mellow on exposure to light which may cause differing colours being cropped in different years. However, this will balance out auftomatically in the kitchen cabinet after around 4 weeks.

Is there a product guarantee?

We grant a 2-years warranty in case our products have been treated properly as per our instructions (i.e. the chopping board).

Frequently used, for how long will a chopping board look „new“?

Also this is a natural product reacting to environmental conditions. We deliver caring instructions with it in 6 languages.

Are the inserts from solid wood foodsafe?

Yes, they are covered with a foodsafe clear lacquer.

In which drawer do your inserts fit?

They fit into all established drawer system. Please ask us.

I need one of your products for my private use. Can I order directly with you?

No, we supply exclusively to the producing industry and some retailers. We will be pleased to let you know where to buy.


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